Morrie&Me | Birth Announcement Magnus
Design of the birth announcements and baby shower invitations for sweet little Magnus
Birth announcement, baby design, birth, illustration, kids-design, baby, illustration, nature, bears, mountains, winter
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Birth Announcement Magnus

When writing the post ‘2017 in a nutshell’, in which I look back at the milestones reached last year, Magnus’s birth announcements had just been send out and I promised that it wouldn’t take long before I’d share pictures of the end result with you as well.


Right in the middle of all the activities concerning our new house (find more about our house project here), my friend Katrien and her boyfriend Pieter asked me whether I’d have the time to design a birth announcement and baby shower invitation for their soon to be born son Magnus. Since I love making birth announcements (you might also like to have a look at Coco’s birth announcement) I had to say yes and between the papering of the walls and cladding of the floors, I started making sketches for Magnus’s cards.


Katrien and Pieter immediately gave me some clear directions, which made the process of designing the cards and invitations much easier. They wanted the birth announcements & invitations to be :


  • clean, with a modest use of colors
  • maybe you already noticed: the fonts I used for Morrie&Me should be used for the birth announcements as well
  • the theme for the cards was adventure, mountains & nature, and they should match the envelopes Katrien and Pieter already handmade themselves


A well defined list of directions which made the atmosphere of the design clear immediately. The first sketches I made only contained graphic mountains and I felt like something was missing. Because I wanted the designs to have a certain cuteness, I decided to add bears, some flowers and snowflakes.


The end result is a cute, clean and modest birth announcement, within an original theme. The additional baby shower invitations were designed with the same elements as the birth announcement and so the set was ready.


Luckily Katrien and Pieter loved the design as much as I did. Sweet, little Magnus was born right before Christmas and the birth announcements were send out only a few days later. You can probably imagine how excited I felt when the cards finally landed on my doormat.


In case you’re looking for a unique, one of a kind birth announcement or a kids-design whatsoever, feel free to contact me. I would love to design something beautiful for your kid(s) too!