Morrie&Me | Birth Announcement David
Design of the birth announcements for sweet little boy called David
Birth announcement, baby design, birth, illustration, kids-design, baby, illustration, nature, lion, bee, bees, boy, baby boy
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Birth Announcement David

Leanne and Matthijs had seen Coco’s and Magnus’ birth announcements and contacted me whether I’d also like to design a birth announcement for the baby they were expecting.


Of course I said yes and couldn’t wait to begin. But having started enthusiastically with one of my first design ideas, at a certain moment I had to acknowledge that I got stuck… Somehow it didn’t work out and it just didn’t feel right.
Sh*t, now what?!


I guess everybody who’s into design knows how hard it can be to have to ‘kill your darlings’, but to be honest, that was the best decision in the design process I’ve made. The next morning I started the process of sketching all over again and within only a couple of hours the sketch for David’s birth announcement was ready and we could actually start to focus on the details of the final design.


Since Leanne and Matthijs would have a boy I wanted to use an animal that’s kinda boyish; cute and naughty, curious and ready for adventures. To me a little lion is exactly that. Adding the bees and the rhyme by famous Dutch writer Annie M.G. Schmidt makes the story complete.


Although sweet, little David was born a bit earlier than expected, the design had already gotten into the final stage and all we had to do was add the facts and figures. We also knew exactly what kind of paper we wanted for the carts and as you can see the end result is absolutely wonderful. Leanne and Matthijs found colored envelopes that match the design perfectly and so the birth announcements were ready to be send out.


If you like the design I made for David and you’re looking for a unique, one of a kind birth announcement or a kids-design whatsoever, feel free to contact me. I would love to design something beautiful for your kid(s) too!