Morrie&Me | our house
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Morrie&Me House project

our house

With the rental prizes rising year after year, the second half of 2016 we decided to check out possibilities for buying a house.
But to be honest, we’d never expected that things would work out for us this quickly.

November 2016, still in the middle of the very first orientation stage, good news came to us;
our ‘dream house’ could be ours if we’d be happy to make quick decisions.
Like with most of life’s biggest decisions all we had to do was to follow our guts
and within just a couple of days we became the proud owners of this -soon to be build- home of ours.

If you’ve ever checked out my pinterest you might have noticed I do have a thing for interior design.
With this new upcoming project I could finally turn my passion into reality
and even though it turns out to be quite hard to make long-term, expensive decisions,
being able to decide upon the look and feel of your own (future) home is an absolute blast.

Although we moved into our brand new home at the end of 2017,
we’re still busy with the finishing touches, therefore I didn’t share any interior pictures yet.
But what I can share with you is the moodboards I did make for our home.

Click on a moodboard to enlarge, to read about my thoughts & ideas and background info.