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Sometimes - especially when you least expect it - dreams do come true. On the hunt for a new job, I stumbled upon a vacancy I'd never imagined to find; Teamleader Marketing at a Design Museum. 
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Sometimes – especially when you least expect it – dreams do come true. On the hunt for a new job, I stumbled upon a vacancy I’d never imagined to find … 


As you might remember, about 1,5 years ago I wrote this blogpost about the upcoming opportunity to start a new position at the marketing team for Mosa, the Maastricht based tiles manufacturer where I’ve been working for the past five years. This new Marketing Specialist position was exactly what I was looking for at that moment. All the things I wanted to learn and experience came together; I got to deep dive into online marketing and explore the world of social media marketing, work with influencers and set up influencer campaigns, and start up a new magazine called Mosa Notes.


Almost two years have passed since I wrote that blogpost. Mosa’s social media accounts are on track and quickly growing their following, the (influencer) campaign for our stand at Masterly at the Milan Design Week 2019 is wrapped up and Mosa Notes already launched its second edition and I feel ready to take the next step.


What’s next?!

Since Mosa couldn’t offer me new challenges in the near future, I started looking for a new job somewhere else. Being quite picky and not wanting to settle for second best, it took a little while but my patience and hard work were rewarded big time when an unexpected opportunity crossed my path; a vacancy to work as the Teamleader Marketing at Cube design museum, located in Kerkrade (the utmost south of the Netherlands, right at the German border).


I’d recently visited Cube design museum for the first time, to go see their current exhibition ‘Nature – collaborations in design’ (find the review and more pictures here) which they organized in collaboration with world’s largest design museum, Cooper Hewitt in New York. Nature really is a beautiful and very impressive exhibition and Cube totally blew my mind; what an amazing museum, how come I’d never really heard of it before?!


So far, I love it!

And now, at the end of August, my first month at Cube has almost passed and all I can say is that I’m still super excited for both the museum and my new role. There’s so much to do, so much to learn, so many challenges and opportunities … I guess the biggest challenge right now is to figure out where to start first. Luckily I love to have a lot going on, it helps me to keep focus and be as organized as possible. The only down side about my new job is the commute. Traveling to Cube takes me even a bit longer than the commute to my old job – and honestly I already felt like I was done with that … – but hey, you can’t have it all and this far my job totally makes up for it!


Also I’m afraid my new job will take up a lot of my time and energy, and I’m not sure how much will be left to spend on Morrie&Me. So I hope you guys are willing to be a bit more patient for news and updates the upcoming months. I promise I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on in both my personal life and at Cube, and of course will keep sharing all the other things that brighten my world. It just might take a little longer.


*The pictures show Cube’s permanent exhibition ‘What is design?’