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Most Design Studio Maastricht



These past couple of weeks have been a bit more quiet than I’d intended, but luckily there are some very good and exciting reasons for me being so busy and today I’ll tell you what’s been keeping me from Morrie&Me.


A new house

September 15th was THE BIG DAY. The day we got the keys to our brand new home; one of the biggest milestones in our life. As soon as we got the keys we started cleaning and working as hard as possible, to make sure we could move in at the end of October. Every free minute of the past couple of weeks we spend transforming our brand new, but also completely empty and unfinished, house into our home and last weekend we made the move. Although it has only been one week, we feel like we’ve been living here for months and I can assure you that waking up in our brand new home feels even better than we could have imagined! Of course I can’t wait to show you our new place, but until I’ve got time to take pictures, these moodboards will give you an impression of what our home looks like.


And there is more … A new job

Although the house project and Morrie&Me did take up most of my time the past few months, a little while ago another opportunity crossed my path and I managed to grab it. At Mosa, the Dutch Tile Manufacturer where I’ve been the coordinator of the Design Studio at our headquarters in Maastricht for 3,5 years now, a very interesting vacancy came up. Since I’m always up for a challenge and the job description was exactly what I’ve been dreaming of, I applied and … I GOT THE JOB! Although it still feels a bit surreal, tomorrow I’ll start at my new position at the Marketing Inbound team, taking care of our social media, reference projects, online portals and more. Actually all the things I wanted to dig into I will be doing for work and I really cannot wait to start with this new challenge.

As a goodbye to my old workspace at the Mosa showroom I decided to give you an insight into what has been my professional surroundings these past couple of years. The Mosa Design Studio is located in our old porcelain factory and the combination of our heritage and beautiful, minimalistic, modern tiles and interior make an excellent combination. A space that makes architect’s hearts beat faster, I guess one of the most beautiful workspaces ever.


Most Design Studio MaastrichtThe Mosa Design Studio Maastricht, a beautiful workspace


And there is even more …

Somehow when you’re crazily busy, life tends to throw even more stuff at you and since I cannot say ‘no’, I managed to get even more exciting projects done. So better stay tuned, at the Morrie&Me news section more info will be revealed soon!