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I'm very happy to introduce you to my latest project: design & creation of a brand new website for my all time favorite visual artist Leo Kornips.
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Website Leo Kornips

After weeks of working hard on this exciting new project, I’m very happy to finally be able to share it with you. I did have the honour to design & create a brand new website for my all time favourite visual artist; Leo Kornips.


Leo is one of the most creative, extremely talented, very disciplined and open-minded people I know, and on top of that, he’s also the best dad in this world (it may not come as a surprise; he’s my dad!). Of course I’m very proud of him (and of my mom, who’s also very creative, our own ‘Queen of Mandalas’ as I already mentioned in this post) and I loved being able to do something back for him, since my parents have always been there for me, whenever I needed them!


While his work is very beautiful but also quite expressive, we decided to keep the design as minimal as possible. This way all the attention will go to the artwork, instead of to unnecessary distractions. The website has a very clean, logic and minimal design, the artwork pops out and it’s easy to find whatever you’re looking for.


Now it’s finally as finished as a website can be, please go and check it out yourself, is waiting for your visit!