Morrie&Me | Birth Announcement Boris
Design of the birth announcements for a lovely little baby boy called Boris
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Birth Announcement Boris

The first birth announcement I ever designed was for a tiny baby girl called Coco. A few years have passed, Coco has grown into a cute little lady and last month she even became a big sister. When her parents asked me to design an announcement for Coco’s little brother too, I knew exactly what it should look like!


Back in 2016 I made an illustration of a girl with a dandalion for Coco’s birth announcement. When Tim and deny asked me to design a birth announcement for Coco’s baby brother as well, we all agreed it should be in the same style as Coco’s card, but of course a bit more boy-ish. I immediately knew I wanted Boris to be playing with a kite and that the cat should be involved as well. Also Coco should be featured on the cards and having those ideas so clearly in my mind, designing the cards an absolute blast.


Although the process of each design is different, people sometimes tell me it’s easy to see that I am the designer of all the different birth announcements (in case you’ve curious, feel free to have a look at Magnus’s, David’s and Vieve’s birth announcement too). But designing the card for a sister and brother was totally new to me and I have to say that I really liked making several cards as a part of the same ‘family’. Seeing Coco’s and Boris’ cards next to each other, it’s obvious that both cards were designed for a sister and a brother and what I especially like is that at the back of Boris’ cards we see sister and brother playing together. Also the significant role for the cat on both cards, makes the story complete.


If you like the cards I designed for Boris and in case you’re looking for a unique, one of a kind birth announcement or a kids-design whatsoever, feel free to contact me. I would love to design something beautiful for your kid(s) too!