Morrie&Me | Abstract illustration #2
abstract illustration, pencil on paper, 21 x 21 cm / 8 x 8 inches
illustration, abstract, art
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Abstract #2

Abstract #2

Abstract #2


This past Christmas Holidays I finally found some time & energy to finish my second abstract illustration, that I started drawing a couple of months ago.



Abstract #2, pencil on paper, 21 x 21 cm / 8 x 8 inches


Just like my first abstract illustration (which you can find here) the end result of this illustration quite surprises me.
But to be honest, I don’t even care that much about the outcome.
What I like most about drawing something abstract is the fact that it totally relaxes me,
instead of trying to draw something that represents something else, for example a portrait (find my portraits here)
an abstract work can be anything and is always okay, or not…

Making an abstract illustration is different process with a different outcome. What do you think?