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Time Matters

Expo : Time Matters


June 1st 2020 ’till January 3rd 2021 – Cube design museum, Kerkrade (NL)
co-organized with IMF Foundation (IT)


When you ask ‘what’s the time?’, most people will be able to tell you the time of that very moment. But when you’d ask: ‘What is time?’ most people would have a hard time explaining or describing it. That’s because time is something abstract, you can’t catch or feel it, you can only ‘know’ it for sure when looking at a clock. So what is time, what does it mean, what does it do, where does it come from? What about the passage of time and what that means to us…


How come we all get the same amount of time in one single day, and some people feel like they’ve got plenty of time while others feel like they’re always running out of time. The exhibition ‘Time Matters’ at Cube design museum displays about 30 objects around time, objects that provide a new, open interpretation of time.


Six perspectives on time

The exhibition is a journey in and through time. The subject has been highlighted from six different angles:

  • change: the reinvention of clocks, the passing of minutes and hours is represented by means of change, growth and decay.
  • personal: highlights people’s personal rhythm.
  • valuable: many people still believe that time equals money, they look at time in terms of productivity.
  • now: what’s this actual moment in time.
  • tangible: the observation of time turned into a sensory perception.
  • measurable: the ancient relation between time and astronomy.


‘Time Matters’ can be visited until January 3rd 2021 at Cube design museum in Kerkrade (NL).

For more info about Cube design museum or the exhibibion Time Matters check out their website or social media.