Morrie&Me | Someone is in my house - David Lynch at Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht (NL)
Someone is in my house is the first museum exhibition of David Lynch's visual art in the Netherlands and also the largest retrospective ever, featuring over 500 works by the artist.
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David Lynch – Someone is in my house

Expo : Someone is in my house – David Lynch


November 30th 2018 ’till April 28th 2019 – Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht NL
featuring works of David Lynch


This weekend is your last chance to visit the David Lynch exhibit ‘Someone is in my house’ at the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht (NL). Bonnefantenmuseum, one of the biggest museums in the Netherlands and particularly know for its building by Italian architect Aldo Rossi, showcased quite some remarkable exhibitions. As you might remember, I did write a blog about the Stanley Donwood exhibit at the museum almost two years ago, when they also revealed their cupola that was transformed by Donwood into an optical glade, an artwork that can still be experienced at the museum. Their current David Lynch exhibit, featuring over 500 of his multi-disciplinary artworks, triggered me to pay them visit again.


David Lynch (1946, Montana USA), a mysterious film director that became famous for movies like Blue Velvet and Mulholland drive and the well-known tv series ‘Twin Peaks’, started his creatieve career as a painter and still considers himself more to be a visual artist, than a film director.


Although his work as a film director left him with little time to spend in his studio, Lynch continued to make visual art throughout his career, resulting in many surrealistic multi-disciplinary artworks such as paintings, paperworks, photos, lamp sculptures and installations next to his filmmaking.


Someone is in my house is the first museum exhibition of Lynch’s visual art in the Netherlands and also the largest retrospective ever. Even though I find his bizarre and disturbing artwork a bit too dark, I’d still recommend you to visit this exhibition. Since I’m sure that the beautiful set up of the exhibition and the unbelievable creativity of his artwork, will be source of inspiration to everyone. 

Exhibition teaser

For this exhibition a unique teaser was produced by the artists, starring himself alongside the ‘White Monkey’ (a character that previously appeared in his work), with which he invites the viewers to visit his exhibit at the Bonnefantenmuseum.



In case you’re in Maastricht or in the Limburg region this weekend, I highly recommend to stop by at the Bonnefanten museum because ‘Someone is in my house’ can only be visited until tomorrow!


For more info about the museum, current exhibitions and opening hours, go to For more info about David Lynch, visit his official website here.