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Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park

written by Rainbow Rowell, published by Orion Books
genre young adult / novel, 329 pages

I’d never heard of Rainbow Rowell (yes, her real name) before, but immediately knew I would love this novel just by seeing its cover. It turns out to be one of my all time favourite love stories!


The story in short

I won’t spoil the fun of reading this book, by giving away too many details. All that’s there to say is that I absolutely loved this beautiful and bittersweet lovestory and got completely wrapped up in it.

The story is set in Omaha, Nebraska in 1986. Over the course of one school year we get to know Eleanor and Park, both sixteen years old, with each their own set of issues, insecurities and feelings of not fitting in. But despite all the tragic events going on around them, they’re brought together by their shared love for comic books and music.

As mentioned before I absolutely adored this book and guess that the ending might be part of this appreciation. The postcard with “three words on it” leaves so many options open for an ending or sequel. It’s up to us, our interpretation and imagination, to decide what those last three words are and how the story continues.

This might make some readers feel disappointed or even frustrated, but to me it was the perfect ending. Having been a part of Eleanor & Park’s life, at the end of the book it’s time to let go, to let them pick up their lives and live it. Whether it’ll be happily ever after, struggling or something in between. In my mind both Eleanor and Park do live on, they’re 17 years old now and it’s only the beginning!


Why you should read this book

Even though I graduated high school many years ago, I had a great time reading this book. I liked how the story was ornated with many 80’s links but at the same time felt like it could have taken place today. If you, like me, are a hopeless romantic, have an appreciation for good music and comics and a weakness for the unpopular kids, this is a book you shouldn’t miss. Eleanor and Park became a part of me while reading the book and stayed in my mind many weeks afterwards.


Eleanor was right. She never looked nice.
She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice.
It was supposed to make you feel something.” 

– Park