Morrie&Me | Moodboard: Our Bathroom
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Bathroom moodboard

Moodboard: Our Bathroom

As you all know our future home is being build as we speak. Because some decisions have to be made early in the process, we do already have a pretty good idea of what some of the rooms are going to look like.
I already showed a sneak preview of our kitchen and now it’s time to reveil a little bit of our future bathroom. I’m not going to tell you everything yet, but this moodboard will give a first impression.

While designing your bathroom there are three important factors to keep in mind:

  • space : our future bathroom will be tiny, therefore we have to be careful with the use of our space. We for example don’t have room for a bathtub and have to do with a shower only. No big deal to me, but a big decision to be made.
  • tiles : working for Mosa, one of the most trend setting tile producers in the world, we have the opportunity to choose from a selection of very beautiful and even more beautiful floor and wall tile collections. Knowing we wanted to play with different colourtones, our final decision was influenced by the size of our bathroom; one tile collection will fit perfectly in our tiny bathroom and has the exact colour tones we love.
  • furniture : what look or feel would you like the furniture and other elements to have? We decided to go for minimal, light wooden cabinets. Because the tiles had been decided upon already, most important for us was the colour & look of the cabinets to mix with the tiles. And we did find the perfect match!

I hope these tips will help you in the process of designing your own perfect bathroom. Stay tuned for more sneak previews and home inspiration!


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