Morrie&Me | The days are long, but the years are short!
the days are long, but the years are short! This year really did go by within the blink of an eye. If you're curious what consumed my time this year, you'll find out in this blogpost. 
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The days are long, but the years are short

The days are long, but the years are short!


I can barely believe that 2019 is almost over! Just like Gretchen Rubin mentions in “The Happiness Project“; “the days are long, but the years are short!” This year really did go by within the blink of an eye. In this blogpost I’ll tell you what consumed much of my time this year. 

Looking back on 2019 I can only be very grateful for the opportunities that crossed our paths and the luck that we got. Despite some intense health issues family members and good friends had to conquer, we all ended up relatively healthy and happy. The saddest time this year was the passing away of my grandfather, but he was very old and in a way ready to ‘leave’, which makes it easier to deal with the loss…



This year was also filled with a lot of creativity. Most of it actually at work, which did make it difficult te find time and energy for Morrie&Me as well sometimes. But some really nice projects were finished and quite a few blogposts were written, here are my highlights of 2019:


  • Portfolio : although it actually feels like a long time ago, this year I had the privilege again to design some birth announcements. One for Boris (Coco‘s baby brother) and one for Vieve. Also my friend Suzanne asked for my help in pursuing a creative career by designing business cards for her. Even though that’s not something I do on a regular basis, her illustrations were a blast to work with and the business cards were very easily made. Want to know more? Check them out here!


  • Books : in 2019 I’ve really read a lot of books but only a couple have made it to Morrie&Me. Luckily not because most of the books I read were shitty, but because I didn’t have enough time to write so many reviews. Maybe next year I’ll do better in the review-department, but the reading for sure will be continued. While writing this down, the idea comes to my mind to write a post about the books that I’ve read this year and that deserve your attention. Better stay tuned for that!


  • Documentaries : in contrary to books I did write several blogposts about documentaries and films I watched this year. The documentary that made the deepest impression on me was Chernobyl, a series about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986. Although we all know what happened and cannot be surprised by the story, watching this series was extremely intense and heartbreaking. Especially the stupidity and pride of some and the altruistic heroism of others. This series really shows both the ugliest and most beautiful parts of mankind.
    Other documentaries I watched and loved are “Five Seasons : the gardens of Piet Oudolf“, “Dries” about Belgian fashion designer Dries van Noten and last but not least “Boom maakt boek“, a documentary about (one of) the world’s best book designers.


  • Exhibitions : one of this year’s highlights was visiting Milan Design Week for Mosa. During my stay in Milan I was mostly occupied with work (taking care of Mosa’s social media accounts and the additional influencer campaign I was coordinating), therefore not much can be found on But I did post some pictures of MDW2019 and Fondazione Prada on Instagram, check them out if you like.
    Another of this year’s highlights is the exhibition “Nature” at Cube design museum. As you might have read in this update I started working at Cube the first of August. So this might seem a bit biased, but from the bottom of my heart I can promise you it’s not. “Nature” truly is both beautiful and inspiring and can be visited in Kerkrade and in New York City until January 19th. So if you’ve got the chance to visit this wonderful exhibition sometime the upcoming weeks, just go!


  • Our house : at the end of October it was two years ago that we did move into our house. Since moving in a lot has happened and so many tasks were crossed from our to do lists, but one of the most intimidating tasks (or I guess one of those things you really don’t look forward to) was painting the stairs. Setting a deadline for it to be done, for sure did help. In September I started to clean-sand-clean-paint-clean-sand-clean-paint our stairs and we’re both really thrilled with the result. If I’d known it would be such a gratifying task – and by far not as bad as I’d expected – I would have done it sooner. But hey, rather late than never and I’m really proud for doing it all by myself and while our stairs look like they were painted by a pro.


  • Another fun project I finished this summer was sewing pillowcases for our couch. Having looked around for nice ones for a very long time, made me decide to better make the pillow cases I was looking for myself. The last time I’d been sewing was literally decades ago, so I was very curious how it would turn out. It turns out sewing is like riding a bike; one does not forget how to do it. Within a day or two I made beautiful new pillow cases and I’m totally stoked with the result. Curious what they look like? Click here.


Usually I’m all for starting a new year with resolutions, but next year I guess I’ll mostly continue what is going on right now. The first half of 2019 I was busy applying to vacancies and in the summer I finally found the job of my dreams (Marketing Teamleader at a museum). This new job is both fun and interesting and also comes with many challenges. I guess it’s exactly what I’m looking for but also very demanding. So in 2020 I’ll continue to do my utmost best at work and next to that make sure to make time for family, friends and Morrie&Me of course. I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring and whatever it will be; I’m ready for it!

I wish you all a very nice New Years Evening, one that’s filled with love, joy, and family or friends. I hope all the best will come your way in 2020, Happy New Year!