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Morrie&Me terugblik 2017

looking back at 2017

2017 in a nutshell


At this second day of 2018, I’d like to take a brief moment to look back at the past year. A year that has kept me so busy, especially the second half of it, that I barely had the time and energy to keep up with Morrie&Me.

Than what has been keeping you so busy? You might wonder… Well this year has been all about 3 big milestones for me and I can hardly believe how much has happened these past few months!


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Book review : Wonderplants – planten in je interieur

written by Irene Schampaert & Judith Baehner, published by Lannoo
genre interior design & plants, 239 pages

When looking for garden and plant inspiration our home this book full of inspiring pictures of the most incredible and very original, green interiors had to be explored. Plants not only help keep your home fresh and clean, they also add life and character to your interior. Flipping through the pages of Wonderplants makes me even more excited to add some beautiful plants to our interior.



Krabbé zoekt Picasso

Krabbé zoekt Picasso

Krabbé zoekt Picasso / Finding Picasso

starring Jeroen Krabbé, broadcasted by AVROTROS (Dutch national TV)
launched in 2017, 8 episodes of app. 35 minutes


Two years ago the Dutch national television broadcasted the same documentary series presented by Mr. Jeroen Krabbé (a well known Dutch actor, director, presenter and painter), portraying the work and life of Vincent Van Gogh. A series I absolutely loved because Van Gogh is one of my all-time favorite painters and getting an insight look into his life, the places he lived and visited, background stories of the people he hung out with and the environments that inspired his art, was an absolute pleasure.

In this year’s series Mr. Krabbé takes us on a trip through France, Spain and Italy, following the footsteps of the richest, most famous and maybe even most talented painter that has ever lived; Pablo Picasso.

Throughout the series we get to know Picasso, the development of his art, the women that inspired his work, his homes and different lifestyles he’s led. An extraordinary man, who’s lived a fascinating life. An artist that changed the style of art as easily as he exchanged women. A man who’s had a massive impact on all who surrounded him and leaving behind the most amazing artworks man has ever made!


short trailer with highlights of ‘Krabbé zoekt Picasso’

The episodes

The series consists of 8 half an hour long episodes, in which we follow Picasso’s life chronologically. Starting off getting to know Pablo as a child, followed by the different stages of his life and the women he spend them with. Ending with his death that was followed by a five year long tragic fight over his enormous heritage by his many descendants, ex-lovers and family members.

episode 1 1881-1905 : De jeugd van een genie / The childhood of a genius
The Journey takes off in Malaga, where Pablo Picasso lived as a child. Pablo’s fascination for bullfighting can allready be seen in the artwork he’s made in his childhood. We follow the young painter to Paris where he moves into the artist residencies Bateau Lavoie. There he meets one of his first big loves; Fernande Olivier.

episode 2 1904-1908 : Het leven krijgt kleur / Life gets colourful
In the second episode we see Picasso’s paintings evolve from pink and optimistic, inspired by his love for Fernande, into abstract art. During their summer in the Spanish mountain village Gósol, the color Iberic orange catches his eye and he starts painting abstracted, mask-like faces, which for example to can be seen on ‘Demoiselles d’Avignon’.


Les Demoiselles d’Avignon | Picasso, 1907


episode 3 1908-1915 : Over vriendschap en concurrentie / Friendship and competition
Back in Paris Picasso’s friendship with Braque results in one of the most renewing and controversial artforms of the entire art history; Cubism. His cubistic and semi-abstract work is inspired by both his luxurious life with Fernande and his secret love affair with Eva Gouel. When Eva dies in 1915, Picasso becomes deeply depressed.

episode 4 1915-1927 : l’Epoque duchesse / The era of the duchess
It’s 1917 when poet Jean Cocteau askes Picasso to design costumes for the legendary Ballets Russes. Pablo travels to Rome and immediately falls in love with ballerina Olga Koklova. They get married and move to Paris. On his wife’s request, Picasso paints her portraits in a very classical and romantic way.

episode 5 1927-1936 : Twee vrouwen / Two women
The 17-years-old Marie-Thérèse Walter, with whom Picasso has an 8 year long secret love affair, is the inspiration for many surrealist paintings and sculptures. When Marie-Thérèse gets pregnant of their daughter Maya, both Picasso’s affair and marriage end and the painter finds himself in a deep personal crisis once more.

episode 6 1936-1940 : Dora en de burgeroorlog / Dora and the civil war
When the Spanish Republicans ask Picasso to create an anti-Franco artwork as their contribution for the World Exhibition of Paris in 1937, the bombing of Guernica becomes the theme for this massive artwork. Picasso’s new mistress Dora Maar photographs Picasso during the creation of Guernica, one of the most famous anti-war artworks.


Mr. Krabbé & Picasso’s Guernica, 1937


episode 7 1940-1953 : Het naoorlogse gelukkige gezinsleven / Pastwar happy family life
During World War II Picasso meets his new wife, the 40-years younger law student and artist Francoise Gilot. After the war they live a happy and quiet family life with their kids Claude and Paloma in the South of France. Their happiness ends in 1953 when Francoise, with their children, leaves Picasso because she can’t take his continuous cheating.

episode 8 1953-1973 : Op leven en good / On life and dead
In 1961 Picasso marries the 46-years younger Jacqueline Roque. They move to Mougins where they live a very isolated life and Picasso starts art battles with masters like Rembrandt, Velazquez and Manet in his studio. The artist works passionately until he days in 1973.


Why you should watch this series

Pablo Picasso was a genius artist, living a fascinating (love)life which resulted in the most amazing artwork. Mr. Krabbé’s is an excellent storyteller and his enthusiasm for the painter and the artworks is very contagiously. I’m actually pretty sure that if you wouldn’t really be that interested in the work of Picasso, you’d still have a great time watching this series. (Please note, the series is presented in Dutch).

For those of you who can’t get enough of getting an insight look into the lives and artwork of the most fascinating artists, I’ve got some really good news to share. For the next series Mr. Krabbé will follow a painter that left behind everything to be able to totally focus on his art; Mr. Paul Gauguin!


For more information or to watch the episodes, have a look at the npo website.







Big Magic

Big Magic

Big Magic – Creative living beyond fear

written by Elizabeth Gilbert, published by Cargo
genre nonfiction / self-help, 256 pages


While traveling trough Australia I picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and fell in love with her writing immediately. I love her personal tone of voice, her humour and the way she intertwines her own life into her stories. Reading her books feels like talking to a friend, a friend who’s giving me advice, telling me about her own life and experiences. ‘Big Magic’ is exactly that; Elizabeth being her honest and lovely self while explaining the mystery of creativity.


The story in short

Elizabeth divides the creative process into sections, the six chapters of the book. She explains where creativity comes from, where inspiration and motivation can be found, how to keep courage, to let go of fear and anxiety and to enjoy the process.

Everybody can be creative and the creative process is both lovely and hard for everyone, whether you’re successful or unsuccessful, a professional or an amateur. The only question you have to ask yourself is: am I willing to deal with the shit that comes with it? A creative process, just like every job, also contains less pleasant parts. You just have to find out what you love doing so much, that you’re willing to deal with these parts as well.

When you’re in a lack of creativity or simply interested in how the creative process works, this is a book  you should read! The book explains how an artistic life probably won’t bring you any external success, but for sure will bring you a fun and interesting life and internal satisfaction. Nothing should keep you from following your passions, living a curious and interesting life.


Why you should read this book

This book gave me some insights, maybe even approval, that I’d been looking for for years. After graduating from Art School, I felt like I had to live up to my title and earn my money with my creativity. Not being able to do so made me feel like a failure. Thankfully I followed my heart and decided that I love being creative but not in a professional way. I prefer to express my creativity during my leisure time, as you can see. Reading this book reassured me of how I want to use my creativity; without any expectations but with a lot of fun.