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The Job : The Bullet Rage EP


When I first heard the 4 songs of The Bullet Rage EP, I totally got blown away. Having known most of the members of The Job for many years, I did have quite some expectations about their first EP, but it turned out to be even better than I’d expected. So when they asked me whether I’d like to design the cover and cd print for their EP, I couldn’t wait start working on the artwork.

Although my work would probably not be labeled as a punk rock or hardcore style, I was sure there would be a way to make a design that would both honor The Job’s music, and still be ‘me’. Quite a challenge I thought at first, but as soon as I started sketching I knew how to make those worlds come together.

My initial plan was to design a two color print (only black & white), to be printed on cardboard paper. But since the budget was tight, we decided to make it a full color print on normal paper and use an image of cardboard paper instead. Still the design works out perfectly.


The Bullet Rage EP is available in limited edition, so make sure to get your copy while you can!

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credits : photography by Ilvy Maijen, logo design (backside of the cover) by Sue van Gageldonk