Our new website www.morrieandme.com is live!

After weeks of working hard on this exciting new project, I’m very happy to be able to finally welcome you to our new website www.morrieandme.com.

Although it did take some blood, sweat and tears to make this website into what it is today, I can honestly say that I loved the whole process of it and am actually very proud of what it turned into. Diving into the process of building this website from scratch, something complete new to me, made me realize once more what a pleasure it brings to learn new stuff and find out about new things. Especially since this is only the beginning and you better stay tuned for what else is there to come!

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Now www.morrieandme.com is out in the open, I really can’t wait for your feedback.
So tell me; what do you think about this brand new website? Please leave a message in the comment section below.


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