De Domijnen Sittard

Over de Grens

Over de Grens / Crossing Borders

March 5th  ’till May 28th 2017 – De Domijnen, Sittard NL
featuring works of: Brele Scholz, Jaap de Ruig, Roy Villevoye & Jan Dietvorst


Last weekend my friend Suzanne and I visited museum De Domijnen in Sittard (NL). Since I did go to high school in Sittard and I always had an interest in culture and history, I’d been in the Domijnen many times. But times are a changing and the museum got a new site, being a part of a newly build cultural house that hosts not only exhibitions but also the library, a small cinema, theatre, bar and a school.

We hadn’t checked the exhibition beforehand, but the theme could not have been more relevant for the current developments around the world. The exhibit ‘Over de grens’ which means ‘Crossing borders’, featured work of artists who are looking for connections with people from other cultures, seeking contact with and opening up towards others.

What mostly spoke to me were the sculptures by German artist Brele Scholz. The faces of her ‘Umgebaute Europäer’ (Converted Europeans) can literally be opened up to see what’s going on inside somebody else’s head.


‘Umgebaute Europäer’ by Brele Scholz


Let’s hope artworks like Brele’s will be an inspiration to cross those borders, to open up to each other and be curious about what’s going on inside somebody else’s head.





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