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Iris Apfel Documentary

Documentary : Iris


starring Iris Apfel, directed by Albert Maysles
launched in 2014 by Magnolia Pictures, 79 minutes

Before I’d seen this documentary I really didn’t know that much about Iris Apfel, except for her impeccable style and, of course, her iconic signature glasses.


“I like to improvise.
I always think I like to do things as though I’m playing jazz.
Try this, try that.”

– Iris Apfel


Fashion styling can be seen as an art form on its own with Iris Apfel as its queen. This 96 years-old fashion legend composes outfits in an original, authentic and extremely creative way by combining seemingly different items into something completely new. Iris is a woman who has always been ahead of her time, mixing flea market pieces with haute couture even decades before doing it was considered fashionable.


Iris Apfel by Roderick Aichinger


Watching this documentary I learned that she’s not only a legendary taste maker and fashion icon, but also a business woman, interior designer and mentor. She’s been working on the intersection between fashion, interior design and art her whole life and together with her husband Carl (who celebrates his 100th birthday in the documentary) she’s traveled the world and worked with and for some of the world’s biggest institutes.

To Iris styling is a way of life and her passion, humor and enthusiasm are absolutely contagious. Above all she seems to be one of the most down to earth and nice fashion icons I know of. Even being in her nineties she is busier than most (young) people I know, attending fashion shows and events, tv shows, collaborating with brands and exhibiting her creations at shop windows and museums. She even takes young designers on excursions, hoping to arouse in them curiosity for more than just fashion and style.


Most new kids have no curiosity about anything and got no sense of history.
While everything is interrelated; politics, economics, fashion.
They’re all part of the same and a dress is infected by all those things.”

– Iris Apfel


Trailer ‘IRIS’


Make sure to watch this inspiring and energizing biography documenting an incredibly colourful, fun, humorous and intelligent woman, who’s never lost her curiosity. Even if you’re not that interested in fashion and styling, I’m sure Iris will steal your heart and become an example of how to gracefully grow old.


“It’s more fun getting dressed for the party, than going to the party.”

Iris Apfel


If you’d like to know more about the documentary, have a look at the magnolia pictures website.