Babe, you got this.

Babe, you got this.

Book review : Babe, you got this.
van meisje met dromen naar vrouw met succes
/ how to become a successful woman

written by Martje Haverkamp & Emilie Sobers, published by Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum bv
genre life-lessons, 188 pages

I never intended to actually read this book (its cover and title are way too girly and sweet to my taste), but when I saw it at the local library I picked it up out of curiosity, checked out some of the topics, took it home to give it a try and read it completely within the next couple of days to come.


Babe, you got this


The story in short

Martje & Emilie, two young Dutch women looking for answers and inspiration concerning their adult- and mostly professional life, interviewed 23 women who already made up their minds about some of their questions and are working hard to achieve their goals. Most often not without any success.

The book consists of 30 short chapters, discussing many different topics but all referring to the same theme: how to live your (professional) life. What’s important and what’s not. What should be prioritized and what can wait. Pursuing realistic goals and dreams, managing your expectations and deciding upon what sacrifices you’re willing to make.

Topics like social pressure, personal goals, decision making, time investment, planning, preparing, reflecting, insecurities, daring to be yourself and staying true to yourself are all being reviewed by different women with each their own opinion or intake on the subject.

What is exactly what I appreciated most about this book. It’s not like I really got new insights, learned new things or considered to take a different path in life, but the variety of opinions and lifestyles of the interviewed women did reflect some of the pro’s and cons concerning different topics and decisions.


“Je moet keuzes maken. Je kunt niet én een fantastisch sociaal leven hebben
én een gezin én een gigantische carrière én vier keer per jaar met vakantie.”

“You have to make decisions. You can’t have a great social life and a family

and an amazing career and go on vacation four times a year.”

– Neelie Kroes


Why you should read this book

To me this book seems to be the female version of Bear Grylls ‘A survival guide for life’, but unfortunately not as interesting and catchy as Bear’s book. Nevertheless it’s a fun read and even though it didn’t shake my world, maybe it’ll shake someone else’s. If you’re dealing with life questions and would like some inspiration, this book might be the guide you need.


Als ik niet van mezelf overtuigd ben,
hoe kan ik dan verwachten dat iemand anders dat wel is?”

“If I’m not convinced of what I can do,
how can I expect someone else to be?” 

– Neelie Kroes