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Pillow Talk

Pillow talk


This summer I have three weeks of holiday. And since we haven’t made any plans to go on vacation, I have lots of time to do ‘my thing’ at home. Finally I can tick off some things on my to-do list and one of them is to DIY new pillow cases.


Big Magic

More Big Magic, please!


Although there are many great books to read, every now and then I feel like rereading one of the books I’ve read before. Sometimes I really liked the story, sometimes the book was very inspiring, sometimes for no particular reason at all. READ MORE

Morrie&Me terugblik 2017

2017 in a nutshell


At this second day of 2018, I’d like to take a brief moment to look back at the past year. A year that has kept me so busy, especially the second half of it, that I barely had the time and energy to keep up with Morrie&Me.

Than what has been keeping you so busy? You might wonder… Well this year has been all about 3 big milestones for me and I can hardly believe how much has happened these past few months!


Most Design Studio Maastricht



These past couple of weeks have been a bit more quiet than I’d intended, but luckily there are some very good and exciting reasons for me being so busy and today I’ll tell you what’s been keeping me from Morrie&Me.

READ MORE is live!


After weeks of working hard on this exciting new project, I’m very happy to be able to finally welcome you to my new website